Wilderness Timelapse: ‘Spirit In The Forests’ Of Abruzzo, Italy (Video)

Filmed and Edited by: Giovanni Lattanzi

Spiritus Silvam, the spirit of the forest. A timelapse video for an enchanted journey in the Abruzzo forests, in search of the magical spirit. That vital essence that inhabits all the woods of the world and that welcomes and accompanies you when you are among the trees, in their home. But you must have a free and aware mind, as well as a pure soul, to be able to meet him. And you have to remain silent in thought and open in your heart to talk to us and let you tell his magical stories.

Abruzzo is an Italian region, east of Rome, with an Adriatic coastline and the Apennine Mountains. National parks and nature reserves cover much of its rugged interior. It also encompasses hilltop towns, dating to the medieval and Renaissance periods. Regional capital L’Aquila is a walled city, damaged in a 2009 earthquake. The Trabocchi Coast, with sandy coves, is named after its traditional wooden fishing piers.

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