Top Camper Vans: “Iglhaut Allrad USA” – “All-Wheel Drive Off-Road Reliability”

From the Iglhaut Allrad USA website:

Ighaut Allrad USA is the exclusive US partner for Iglhaut Allrad. Iglhaut Allrad has been converting Mercedes 2 wheel drive commercial vehicles into truly capable off-road vehicles for over 35 years. We take a 2 wheel drive Mercedes Sprinter or Metric and convert it into permanent all wheel drive with a perfect 50/50 front to rear power split.Iglhaut Allrad USA Mercedes Offroad Vans

We can add three locking differentials, off-road high/low transfer case, suspension and brake upgrade, wheel well enlargement with fender flares to accommodate 18”light weight alloy wheels with up to 37” BF Goodrich KM3 Mud-Terrain tires, under body protection, rear door spare tire carrier, centrifugal snorkel, and 47.5 gallon fuel tank, for the most capable off-road van which retains all of its on road performance and handling characteristics.

Iglhaut Allrad is a World Wide Mercedes Van Partner and their conversion does not void the base vehicles warranty. Iglhaut Allrad USA facilitates the purchase of an Iglhaut converted vehicle for North American customers. All conversions are done in Germany at Iglhaut and turnaround time is about 6 month. Iglhaut Allrad USA takes care of all logistics and can help with the acquisition of the 2 wheel drive base vehicle.


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