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Conservation Video: ‘How Farming Is Drying Up Arizona’s Water Supply’

With a lack of restrictions on water use, owners of some large-scale farms in the United States are drying up underground water tables. All they have to do is buy the land to have access to as much free water as they want. In Arizona, farm owners and ranchers are digging ever deeper to irrigate their land, leaving other residents with low water reserves. Meanwhile, parts of the land have caved in, collapsing as the water is pumped up from beneath. Our France 2 colleagues report, with FRANCE 24’s James Vasina.

Conservation Short Films: “Los Zanjeros – Follow The Water” On History Of Arizona Water Usage

Filmed produced by: Cooper Davis, Jared Reasy, Jake Kelly and Pete Burr

4 Brophy faculty members and native Phoenicians followed the Salt River via bicycle from its source to their faucets to better understand the history of water in Arizona and how to protect and advocate for its future.