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Wildlife Insider: ‘The Archerfish – A Master Hunter With Physics’

The mangroves of Sri Lanka are home to a very special resident. The archerfish might not look that powerful, but it can fire watery arrows to take down its prey from up to two meters away. In this video, we’ll show you the archerfish’s unique hunting strategy, which also involves an astonishing grasp of physics and math. Behind those dual-action eyes, complex calculations are going on…

Marine Wildlife: ‘Crabs, Eels & Octopuses’ Off The Coast Of Brazil (Video)

On the wild and windy coast of Brazil, survival is a tricky business. As well as evading giant waves and changing tides, Sally Lightfoot crabs are ambushed by eels and octopuses.

The journey to their feeding grounds is fraught with danger – even for a creature that can walk on water. In unique footage of these incredible crustaceans, we show you how Sally Lightfoot crabs eat, escape and survive in these harsh conditions – and where they may have got their name. Check out our World’s Weirdest Animals playlist for more amazing creatures and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the alert button to keep up with our latest content!

Wildlife: Saving The ‘Skywalker Gibbon’ Of Southwest China (Video)

Deep in a cloud forest far, far away are the planet’s last remaining Skywalker gibbons. These small members of the apes family were only identified in 2017 (by, you guessed it, a Star Wars fan), but already they’re endangered.

Now, researchers in south-west China have developed an ingenious technique for getting gibbons from different territories to meet and form a partnership – these Skywalkers mate for life. Join us to see how technology can be used as a Force for good to help protect this vanishing species.

Scientists announced the discovery of a new species of primate, the skywalker hoolock gibbon (Hoolock tianxing), in the American Journal of Primatology on Tuesday. The scientists named it skywalker because the Chinese characters for its scientific name translate to “heaven’s movement”—but also because they’re fans of Star Warsaccording to the BBC.

Nature: ‘From Caterpillar To Butterfly – How Metamorphosis Works’

Metamorphosis is one of the most common but fascinating miracles of nature. An astonishing 80% of the insect world undergoes the process, but perhaps none is more iconic than the butterfly. 🦋 From pinhead-sized eggs glued to the top of a leaf, right through to the unveiling of her majestic new wings, we delve into the development of a painted lady butterfly, the world’s most widely travelled insect.