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Design: Costume History Behind ‘Moulin Rouge! The Musical’ (V&A Museum)

Victoria and Albert Museum (January 24, 2023) – Moulin Rouge! The Musical is a spectacle of romance and cabaret, set in the heart of Paris’ bohemian scene during the Belle Époque era. Bringing Baz Luhrmann’s landmark film to life on stage, the production is a musical mash-up extravaganza, immersing you in a world of splendour and glory.

Video timeline: 00:00 Catherine Zuber’s design process 0:29 What is Moulin Rouge! The Musical? 00:49 Was the Moulin Rouge real? 01:05 Adapting Baz Luhrmann’s film 01:23 Creating a costume for Satine – design sketches 02:17 Researching the history of showgirls 02:49 How does the costume work? 03:53 Designing costumes for theatre 04:12 Mounting and installing the costume in the Re:Imagining Musicals display

Join Costume Designer Catherine Zuber and Curator Harriet Reed as they take us behind the scenes, introducing the real Moulin Rouge and showgirls of the time, showing the original design sketches for Satine’s dazzling diamond studded costume, and demonstrating how one vital mechanism is crucial for the piece’s quick change on stage.

The costume is now in the V&A’s collection of Theatre and Performance and can be seen as part of the Re:Imagining Musicals display until November 2023.

Paris Views: The Daily Life Of A Moulin Rouge Dancer

The legendary revue theater Moulin Rouge is one of Paris’s big attractions and the workplace of dancer Nora Mogalle. She has been dancing the Cancan here for 19 years. Behind the scenes of the famous Moulin Rouge we get to know the dancer and doctor, and catch a glimpse of the spectacular shows.

Moulin Rouge is a cabaret in Paris, France. The original house, which burned down in 1915, was co-founded in 1889 by Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller, who also owned the Paris Olympia.

Top 2-Hour Walking Tours: ‘Montmartre, Paris’ (Video)

This walk through the charming village of Montmartre was filmed on July 18th, 2020.

Timeline: 0:00 Intro and Map 0:48 Moulin Rouge 3:10 Rue Lepic 1 4:30 Café des Deux Moulins 5:27 Rue Lepic 2 8:39 Rue des Abbesses 12:52 Rue Ravignan 14:02 Place Émile-Goudeau 15:56 Rue d’Orchampt 17:21 Le Moulin de la Galette 19:00 Avenue Junot 21:02 Villa Léandre 25:08 Square Suzanne Buisson 28:23 Rue de l’Abreuvoir 32:08 La Maison Rose 33:17 Vignes du Clos Montmartre 37:53 Rue Saint-Rustique 41:15 Place du Tertre 48:50 Place du Calvaire 51:04 Rue Poulbot 52:10 Rue Norvins 57:08 Butte de Montmartre 59:44 Sacré-Cœur 1:09:58 View from the dome of Sacré-Cœur 1:15:00 Exiting the Sacré-Cœur 1:19:09 Square Marcel Bleustein Blanchet 1:21:31 Exit Square Marcel Bleustein Blanchet 1:22:23 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre 1:26:06 Passage Cottin 1:28:52 Rue Paul Albert 1:30:59 Square Louise-Michel 1:36:42 Place Saint-Pierre 1:40:07 Rue Yvonne le Tac 1:43:04 Place des Abbesses 1:43:47 Wall of Love 1:46:16 Rue des Abbesses 1:49:18 Rue des Martyrs 1:15:15 Yellow Vest Protest March

Entertainment: The “Moulin Rouge” In Paris, In Films And On The Stage

The Moulin Rouge, the famous cabaret with a windmill that opened in the Montmartre section of Paris 130 years ago, is still drawing crowds to its spectacular shows featuring a chorus line of often-topless dancers. And it’s now Moulin Rouge Poster from 1889the inspiration for a hit Broadway musical. Correspondent Alina Cho visits the landmark that has inspired artists and writers (and even marriage proposals), and talks with its artistic director and dancers, along with the Tony Award-winning set designer of the new Broadway show, “Moulin Rouge!: The Musical.”

Moulin Rouge (“Red Mill”) is a cabaret in Paris, France.

The original house, which burned down in 1915, was co-founded in 1889 by Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller, who also owned the Paris Olympia. Close to Montmartre in the Paris district of Pigalle on Boulevard de Clichy in the 18th arrondissement, it is marked by the red windmill on its roof. The closest métro station is Blanche.

Moulin Rouge is best known as the birthplace of the modern form of the can-can dance. Originally introduced as a seductive dance by the courtesans who operated from the site, the can-can dance revue evolved into a form of entertainment of its own and led to the introduction of cabarets across Europe. Today, the Moulin Rouge is a tourist attraction, offering musical dance entertainment for visitors from around the world. The club’s decor still contains much of the romance of fin de siècle France.


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