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Washington Update: New Stimulus Bill, Campaign News & Floods (Podcast)

Axios TodayThe first stimulus package was a lifeline for millions of Americans. The beginning of July means we’ve got just a few more weeks before all those benefits expire. Unlike when the first bill passed in March, Congress is divided on whether people need another stimulus.

  • Plus, shake-ups on the Trump campaign rattle an already chaotic White House.
  • And, new data shows more inland homes are at risk of flooding than expected.

Guests: Axios’ Dion Rabouin, Mike Allen, and Amy Harder.

Top Topics Monday: Covid-19 Accelerates Cashless Society Push (Podcast)

Axios TodayThe coronavirus pandemic has accelerated our cashless society and deepened the divide between those who depend on it and those who now live mostly without it.

Guests: Axios’ Jennifer Kingson, Mike Allen and Kendall Baker.

Top Daily News Podcast: Economic Recovery, Covid-19 Surge & Virtual Democratic Convention

Axios TodayThe consensus among economists is that the U.S. recovery will most likely be something in between a V and a W — a sharp drop, a relatively small bounce back, and then a long period of slow growth.

  • Time to pay attention again: The coronavirus surge is real, and it’s everywhere in the United States.
  • And Axios co-founder Mike Allen tells us what to expect at the virtual Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee.

Guests: Axios’ Felix Salmon, Sam Baker, and Mike Allen.

Top New Daily Podcasts: “Axios Today” Features Political & Media Insights

Axios TodayIn the past few weeks, best seller lists and streaming platforms have been full of books, shows, and songs about racism in America. Demand for this type of content is growing, streaming companies are featuring more prominently and it could have a lasting impact.