Culinary Travel: A Foodie Tour Of Valencia, Spain

Spain Revealed (March 19, 2023) – The cuisine from the Region of Valencia enjoys great prestige at both a national and international level. Its traditional recipes are prepared using natural ingredients such as oil, vegetables, spices, fruit, fresh meat or fish and has come to be known as “the Mediterranean Diet”.

Video timeline: 00:00 Intro 00:40 Nuevo Oslo 05:34 Bar Central 08:31 Ostras Pedrín 12:03 Tasca Angel 14:56 Bocatín del Carmen 16:05 Casa Montaña 20:35 Bar Ricardo 23:27 Horchatería el Collado 25:53 Café Madrid 27:59 Bon Aire

The incredible variety of rice dishes and desserts is outstanding. All this without forgetting the great variety of fruit which the Region of Valencia produces in abundance. Its traditional soft drinks have also become well-known, such as tiger nut milk (“horchata de chufa”). Its long wine-growing tradition has given rise to a delicious range of wines with their Denominations of Origin, which when added to the local soups comprise some of the most exquisite recipes of Valencian cooking.

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