Previews: The Economist Magazine – March 4, 2023

This week's cover, March 2nd 2023 | The Economist

The Economist – March 4, 2023 issue:

This week’s worldwide cover celebrates the new drugs promising an end to the world’s obesity epidemic. They could bring riches for their makers, savings for health systems and better lives for millions.

New drugs could spell an end to the world’s obesity epidemic

The long-term effects must be carefully studied. But the excitement is justified

The new Brexit deal is the best Britain can expect. Support it

Both the Tories and the Democratic Unionist Party should get behind the new agreement with the EU

Delta force

Is Bangladesh’s admired growth model coming unstuck?

A development superstar faces malign politics and rising corruption

The tech slump is encouraging venture capital to rediscover old ways

Small, profitable firms in strategic industries are now all the rage

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