Front Page: The New York Times – March 3, 2023


In First Wartime Meeting, Blinken Confronts His Russian Counterpart

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said he told Sergey V. Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, that Moscow must end its war against Ukraine and return to a nuclear arms control treaty.

Alex Murdaugh Convicted of Murdering Wife and Son

Alex Murdaugh was found guilty on Thursday of murdering his wife, Maggie, 52, and their younger son, Paul, 22, on the family’s rural estate.

The verdict came less than three hours after jurors began deliberating. It followed a six-week trial that served as a reckoning for Mr. Murdaugh, a lawyer whose life unraveled in recent years.

Canadians Fume as Migrants Surge at Their Border

A surge in illegal crossings from the United States has led to calls to shut down a rural road on the Canadian border.

Oklahoma Wants to Be the ‘Next Texas.’ Imagine That.

Long in booming Texas’ shadow, Oklahoma has been trying to make itself an appealing place to move — if people would just give it a try.

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