Design Tour: Crown Jewel Penthouse In Canberra

Named in relation to its amazing city views, Crown Jewel is a luxury penthouse capturing some of Canberra’s most striking vistas. Inside a penthouse crafted by Parallel Workshop Architects, residents are immediately met with a strong sense of natural connection.

Video timeline: 00:00 – Introduction to the Penthouse 00:30 – Creating the Clients Dream Home 01:01 – Incorporation of the Natural Landscape 01:15 – Catering for Different Occasions 01:44 – Referencing the Structural Architecture 02:05 – Creating a Kingdom from the Penthouse 03:10 – The Design Strategy 03:29 – Favourable Aspects of the Penthouse 03:52 – The Freedom of Design

Situated on the southern shore of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, Crown Jewel is one of six penthouses in the lavish Sapphire development. From inside a penthouse, occupants can enjoy amazing city views including those of Lake Burley Griffin, Kingston Harbour and the lush wetlands. A tranquil experience inside a penthouse often begins with the occupant feeling settled in place.

Parallel Workshop Architects connects residents to the character of Canberra by reflecting elements of the natural landscape in the architecture and interior design of the home. While joining the apartment to its natural context, Parallel Workshop Architects pays homage to the clients’ request for luxury inside a penthouse. The deep, rich colours of the Australian landscape are featured in the immersive architecture and interior design, including the navy furnishings, muted green finishes and consistent interplays of light and dark grey.

Translating both the surrounds and design brief into a cohesive architectural outcome, Parallel Workshop Architects establishes a family life in place. Functional and aesthetically generous, Crown Jewel is equipped to provide for multiple generations, fostering an authentic love for living inside a penthouse in Canberra.

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