Walking Tour: Terracina – Southeastern Italy (4K)

Terracina is an Italian city and comune of the province of Latina, located on the coast 56 km southeast of Rome on the Via Appia. The site has been continuously occupied since antiquity. 

Video timeline: 0:00 – [Drone intro] 3:00 – [Walking tour begins / Roman Gate] 4:00 – [Via Villa Franca] 10:45 – [Church of the souls of Purgatory☀️] 12:30 – […walking continues…] 16:30 – [Corso Garibaldi] 23:00 – [Church of St.John☀️] 23:40 – [Brief History☀️] 30:00 – [Panorama on the coast] 31:00 – […walking continues…] 32:30 – [Brief history of the walls☀️] 34:00 – […walking continues…] 35:34 – [“New Gate”] 38:50 – [Roman “Capitolium”☀️] 41:00 – [Traces of the structure of an ancient Roman Temple – now the Cathedral of Terracina] 43:00 – [Via Garibaldi and narrow alleys nearby] 50:00 – [Piazza Cancelli and “Patrician Houses”☀️] 53:00 – [Piazza Tasso / Braschi Palace 18th century] 58:45 – [Roman amphitheatre☀️] 1:04:30 – [Roman arch with 4 faces] 1:06:30 – [Emilian Forum☀️] 1:09:29 – [Cathedral of Terracina – *tour inside*☀️] 1:11:30 – [Procession in front of the Church] 1:13:30 – [Church refectory and roman ruins] 1:16:11 – [Town Hall and Civic Museum of Terracina] 1:18:00 – [Via Annunziata] 1:19:30 – [St.Domitilla Square] 1:22:00 – [Climbing up…] 1:23:00 – [Tower of the Aqueduct] 1:24:00 – […walking continues…] 1:26:30 – [Roman Amphitheatre]

Views: Bamboo Rafting On Yulong River In Ten-Mile Gallery, Yangshuo, China

Sauntering down a country road makes you feel like you are travelling in a painting. This is true of the Ten-Mile Gallery in Yangshuo County, a fairyland on earth.

Video timeline: 0:00 Intro 1:08 Helicopter Journey 8:00 Bamboo Raft trip 39:47 Walking Along the riverside 54:23 Walking among the mountains 1:02:37 Hot air Balloon experience

As the name implies, Ten-Mile Gallery is a picturesque road stretching from the Yangshuo town area to Moon Hill, endowed with rolling hills, endless fields, idyllic villages and clear rivers on both sides. The peaks form natural sculptures in various shapes against the blue sky and beautiful flowers adorn the road.

Walking Tours: Passau – Bavaria, Germany (4K)

Passau / Germany is a Bavarian city at the Austrian border. Passau is called the “City of Three Rivers” as it lies at the confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers. On our tour we start at the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, featuring distinctive onion-domed towers and an organ with 17,974 pipes. We walk down to the banks of the Inn river and check out the the old town which is known for its baroque architecture. Soon we are at the Three River Conjunction (Dreiflüsseeck) from where we walk back along the Danube (Donau) river on the Donaukai. This leads us back to the central city where we get to the train station and end our Passau tour.

Timeline: 0:00 St. Stephen’s Cathedral 4:30 Along the Inn river 10:00 Back to the Old Town 17:00 Three River Conjunction (Dreiflüsseeck) 21:00 Donaukai 26:00 Central Old Town 28:30 Old Town Hall 29:30 Walking West 37:30 Western Old Town 44:00 Modern City Center 49:00 To the Train Station

Design: World’s First 3D-Printed Stainless Steel Bridge In Amsterdam

A 12-metre 3D-printed pedestrian bridge designed by Joris Laarman and built by Dutch robotics company MX3D has opened in Amsterdam six years after the project was launched.

The bridge, which was fabricated from stainless steel rods by six-axis robotic arms equipped with welding gear, spans the Oudezijds Achterburgwal in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

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Tours: Bradford-On-Avon, Wiltshire, England (4K)

Bradford-on-Avon is a town and civil parish in west Wiltshire, England, near the border with Somerset, with a population of 9,402 at the 2011 census. The town’s canal, historic buildings, shops, pubs and restaurants make it popular with tourists. The history of the town can be traced back to Roman origins.

Views: Island Of Malta

Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. It’s a nation known for historic sites related to a succession of rulers including the Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John, French and British. It has numerous fortresses, megalithic temples and the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, a subterranean complex of halls and burial chambers dating to circa 4000 B.C.

Morning News: China Cyber Hack Rebuke, Africa Space Race, Mice Plague

The European Union, NATO and the “Five Eyes” intelligence partners have all joined America in accusing China’s government of involvement in hacking campaigns. Now what? 

Away from the spectacle of billionaires’ race to the heavens, many African countries are establishing space programmes—with serious innovation and investment opportunities on the ground. And why Australia is suffering from a plague of mice.

Review: A German Flood Warning System Failure?

00:00 The death toll from Germany’s devastating flood disaster has risen to more than 160, as emergency workers continue to search for dozens of people still unaccounted for. German authorities insist their flood warnings worked, even though there was massive loss of life. Some experts say Germany’s flood warning system failed and has led to such widespread devastation. They say authorities knew what was coming, but failed to prepare.

02:28 DW reporter Giulia Saudelli is on the ground covering the latest developments. She joins us from the town of Altenahr, in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, which was especially hard hit by the flooding.

05:19 DW reporter Emily Gordine is covering the latest developments in Schönau, in the southern German state of Bavaria. 09:40 Jeff Da Costa, he’s a researcher focusing on flood warning systems at the University of Reading and has been personally affected by events as his family’s home in Luxembourg was flooded.