Walking Tours: ‘Raggiolo’ In Tuscany, Italy (Video)

Raggiolo, the small village characterized by ancient fortifications, narrow and cobbled streets, small houses with tiny patches of land supported by dry stone walls, the village still perfectly preserves its original characteristics.

Located on the slopes of Pratomagno in the Casentino valley in the center of famous historical and tourist resorts such as La Verna, Camaldoli, Poppi and Arezzo, easily reachable along the roads that are themselves part of the beauty of the journey. In the silence of places pervaded by a kind of suspension of time, Raggiolo dominates its magnificently outdated valley from above. It presents itself with the simplicity of someone who has deep roots, more than millenary and an ancient and noble historical legacy of pride, of daily confrontation with the harshness of life, of ancestry that extends into the night of the centuries.

Stories of Longobards, of feudal lords and in particular of a Corsican colony that the tradition of the town has deduced here centuries ago. Stubborn people that of Raggiolo, indomitable and cunning, tempered by fatigue. Mountain people with a life marked by dried chestnuts, by familiarity with the forest and with animals, by transhumance in the Maremme. Fast with the billhook and the pinnate, daring in the use of the knife, of unusual physical vigor, lively intelligence. And a hard misery to endure in the intense cold of winters among polenta, boiled chestnuts and cheese.

Curiosity: ✱”La Brigata di Raggiolo” is the name of the local pro loco. Thanks to this association, the village is full of interesting cultural, folkloristic and territorial promotion activities that are held throughout the year. In particular, we should remember “The talks of Raggiolo”, an annual event where scholars of various kinds meet in this village to discuss topics related to Pratomagno and the “Festa di Castagnatura”, a festival dedicated to chestnuts which is generally held in the last weekend of October.

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