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Top Events: Open House Chicago 2019 Features Over 350 Sites Oct. 13-14

From the OpenHouseChicago.org website:

Open House Chicago 2019 sitesThe Chicago Architecture Center’s Open House Chicago (OHC) is the city’s annual architecture festival. For one weekend in October you can explore Chicago’s most iconic and unique architectural treasures. From mansions to sacred spaces, theaters to private clubs, hotels to secret rooms—OHC gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at many of the city’s great spaces that are rarely, if ever, open to the public.

OHC is a citywide event that includes more than 350 sites located in more than 38 neighborhoods. Sites reflect the cultural diversity and history of Chicago, as well as the unique character of each community. Locations include private clubs, residential spaces, offices, hotels, theaters, design/architecture studios, schools and places of worship as well as manufacturing, cultural and government facilities. This diverse selection of sites allows visitors to plan an itinerary according to their own specific interests. Browse the sites that have participated in OHC since 2015.

To read more: https://openhousechicago.org/

Top New Travel Videos: “Civilization – Timelapse /// Hyperlapse 4K” By Michael Shainblum (2019)

Filmed, Edited and Directed by: Michael Shainblum

Civilization Timelapse Hyperlapse 4K by Michael Shainblum 2019

City timelapses and hyperlapses from around the world. This is a collection of my favorite cityscape timelapses from over the years. The video is a mix of static shots, motion controlled timelapses and manual hyperlapse shots. I really hope you all enjoy the video and thanks so much for watching!

Civilization Timelapse Hyperlapse 4K by Michael Shainblum 2019

Places featured in the video:
Dubai UAE
New York City, New York
Los Angeles, California
San Francisco, California
Doha, Qatar
Shanghai, China
Hong Kong,
Venice, Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy
Seattle, Washington
and a castle in Scotland.

Civilization Timelapse Hyperlapse 4K by Michael Shainblum 2019

Website: http://www.shainblumphoto.com/

Top New Camper Trailers: The Opus OP 15′ Hybrid Caravan Is “Go Anywhere”

From a Curbed.com online review:

Opus OP 15′ Hybrid Caravan interiorThe trailer is set up for families thanks to a king-size bed on one side and twin bunk beds on the other. A full bathroom boasts a shower, sink, and chemical toilet, and bamboo shelving allows for plenty of storage space. A leatherette dining area provides a place to sit inside, and on-demand hot water, a heater, and built-in air conditioning come standard.


Opus has created their first full-size, hard-sided camper. Called the Opus OP 15, the new trailer blends off-road capabilities with amenities for a family. It’s also expandable, designed with a pop-up top for extra headroom in a way that’s similar to Safari Condo’s Alto R Series trailer. This means that while you’re towing the Opus OP 15, you have a low-roof, compact, 15-foot trailer. But once you get to camp you have plenty of room inside.

To read more: https://www.curbed.com/2019/9/9/20857187/rv-camper-travel-trailer-off-road-opus-op-15

Future Of Tourism: Athenea Eco-Friendly Luxury Floating Suites Will Be Available Soon

From a Curbed.com online article:

ANTHENEA IS THE FIRST FLOATING ECO-LUX HOTEL SUITE interiorThe domed capsule is the brainchild of naval architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle, who was inspired by the floating saucer in the 1977 Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. Under development for the last 15 years, this 21st-century version is outfitted with five south-facing solar panels that soak up the sun and power the electric motors and mechanical systems.


Half-boat, half-futuristic pod, the Anthenea is a bold take on sea-bound tourism. While we’ve already seen everything from an underwater Maldives hotel to an elevating floating home, the 538-square-foot Anthenea is being billed as “the world’s first eco-luxe floating hotel suite” (that can also be used as a spa, restaurant, night club, or really whatever the buyer can dream of).


To read more: https://www.curbed.com/2019/9/5/20850121/solar-powered-floating-hotel-suite-anthenea

Top California Hotels: The Farmhouse Inn Is A Culinary Destination In Sonoma Wine Country

From a Jetsetter.com online review:

Farmhouse Inn, CA roomDespite the overwhelming presence of boutique inns along the Atlantic, they’re not a strictly East Coast commodity. Case in point: Sonoma’s  Farmhouse Inn.

The 25-room property, located just 30 minutes from Calistoga and Napa Valley, attracts visitors from near and far with guest rooms done up in homey, (you guessed it) farmstead-style decor (think: plaid throws and rustic tree limb end tables, all adhering to a neutral palette of white, beige, and brown), brightened up by bouquets of fresh seasonal flowers. Farmhouse Inn, CA signBeyond its aesthetically-pleasing interiors, the inn also knows a thing or two about food—starting with a nightly turndown service that includes homemade cookies and milk, and ending with the Farmhouse Restaurant, an onsite Michelin-starred, farm-to-table dining experience with killer dishes like peach salad, chanterelle tortellini, and wild Alaskan halibut.

To read more: https://www.jetsetter.com/magazine/the-coziest-inns-ever/?

Future Of Camper Vans: The “Hymer VisionVenture” Looks, Designed Like A “High-End Apartment”

From a Curbed.com online review:

Erwin Hymer Group debuted the VisionVenture concept interior stairsThis year at Düsseldorf, the Erwin Hymer Group debuted the VisionVenture concept. Built on a Mercedes chassis, the VisionVenture is a forward-thinking camper that looks more like a high-end apartment than a striped-down adventure rig.

To accomplish this, the camper’s interior uses warm bamboo, gray felt, and leather, mixing woods with other materials to add interest. The living area is located in the rear with two white sofas and a center dining table that folds down below the passenger-side bench. The stand-out feature of the living room is the panoramic rear window and large side windows. Fold out the rear door, drop a lower gate and the van boasts its own rear deck—complete with slide-out electric grill.

Erwin Hymer Group debuted the VisionVenture concept interior

It’s an impressive lounge area, and the kitchen goes even further with a flush cooktop, sink, refrigerator, and ample storage. The styling is fresh too, with modular, deck-like wall paneling that works to hang plants or cooking equipment as needed. Integrated next to the kitchen is a compact slate-colored staircase—reminiscent of tiny house design—that boasts storage, motion-activated lighting, and access to an inflatable pop-up sleeping area. The upstairs bed sleeps two and takes advantage of big views through the rear roll-up window.


To read more: https://www.curbed.com/2019/9/5/20851580/rv-camper-van-hymer-concept-visionventure

Best Travel Shows: British Series “Travel Man” Is Helpful And Hilarious

From a New Yorker online article:

Travel Man PhotoOn “Travel Man,” Ayoade is fun to look at (snappy suits, thick-framed glasses, expression of amused diffidence) and fun to listen to. (Of a monastery turned hotel in Naples, he says, “As well as modish guff, like a rooftop pool and a spa, it retains attractive old shiz, like staircases dug into the hillside.”) His persona is warmly amused, broadly skeptical, and gently astringent—i.e., British. He’s not a joiner. His intros conclude with him saying, in that episode’s particular city and with that episode’s particular guest, “We’re here, but should we have come?” 


Travel Man: 48 Hours in . . .” is a British series in which the comedian, writer, actor, and director Richard Ayoade spends forty-eight hours in a city, accompanied by various friends—“some of the most available and affordable names in light ent,” as he puts it—and tells us about what to do there. “Mini-breaks are a swirling nebula of nonsense!” he says at the top of “Copenhagen,” during a brisk montage of him in Venice, Copenhagen, Vienna, and Moscow. “How can anyone go somewhere new and be expected to enjoy themselves without a decade to decompress?” Exactly, I thought. This is the show for me.

To read more: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/on-television/travel-man-richard-ayoades-travel-show-for-people-who-hate-travel

Top Travel Destinations: Ortigia Island, Historical Center Of Syracuse, Sicily

From a New York Times online article:

In Syracuse, taking a passeggiata, or evening walk, around the perimeter of Ortigia island, is a popular activity.CreditCreditSusan Wright for The New York TimesA passeggiata, or evening walk, around the perimeter of Ortigia reveals many notable structures and stories. Start from the Parco Letterario Elio Vittorini, on the eastern side, and head clockwise. As waves crash against the rocks below the sea wall, you’ll pass crenelated lookout points and the chiseled facade of the 17th-century Chiesa dello Spirito Santo, before finding yourself in the palm-planted gardens of the 13th-century Castello Maniace. 

Founded by Greeks around 734 B.C.,ortigia sicily map Ithe southeastern Sicilian city that Cicero called “the greatest and most beautiful of all Grecian cities” achieved a size and status in the ancient world that made it a rival of major powers like Athens and Carthage. Takeovers and makeovers by Romans, Byzantines, North Africans, Normans and others left their marks as well, influencing everything from religious art to the region’s distinctive savory-sweet-sour cooking style. Much of the ancient city has crumbled since Cicero’s day, though the ruins can still be explored in Syracuse’s celebrated archaeological park and museum. But the main attraction today is the historical center of Syracuse: Ortigia island, a maze of narrow streets, ornate Baroque churches and centuries-old palazzi.

To read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/05/travel/what-to-do-36-hours-in-syracuse-sicily.html

Top New Travel Videos: “The Coast Of Cornwall” Produced By IKWAI (2019)

Cornwall. Less Agatha Christie and more Poldark, you’ll stumble upon secluded fishermens’ villages and dilapidated copper mines perched on gustcliffs. The sea is never far. Seagulls’ cries echo wherever you go.

The Coast of Cornwall travel video by IKWAI 2019

And sheep decide to block your way on some lonesome road outside an unpronouncable town. Of course, there’s fish and chips (too much fish and chips). It’s pure bliss.

The Coast of Cornwall travel video by IKWAI 2019

Music: Tony Anderson – Younger

Website: https://vimeo.com/ikwai


Top European Cities: Cadiz, Spain Features “Delicious Andalusian Cuisine”, Ancient History

From a New York Times online article:

The neighborhood of La Viña is packed with open-air restaurants.CreditSebastian Modak The New York TimesOne of the reasons the province of Cádiz is on this year’s 52 Places list is food, as chefs in the area are innovating with pork and fish, the base ingredients here. I tried out a few of the white-tablecloth joints, but came away remembering the noisy, cheap tapas bars that have been around forever.

What makes Andalusian cuisine so delicious are the ingredients, and sometimes less is more. Why go crazy with reductions and infusions when freshly caught sardines sprinkled with olive oil are enough to elicit moans?

Cádiz, the province and city on Spain’s southwestern edge, is an underdog — and I’m among the many travelers who have spent years overlooking it. I know Andalusia, the southern region it is part of, well. For years, it’s been a meeting point for my family who has just as much wanderlust as I do and is spread across the world.

To read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/03/travel/cadiz-an-underrated-corner-of-spain.html