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World Economic Forum: Top Stories Of The Week

The World Economic Forum ‘Stories of the Week include:

0:18 Pakistan’s Flooding – Due to flash floods triggered by a ‘monster monsoon’, more than 1,100 people have died in Pakistan 01:30 First smartphone made in the Ivory Coast – The Open G smartphone went on sale in July 2022 in the Ivory Coast and has sold several thousand units 02:41 Brazil is building the world’s biggest urban garden – The garden is a collaboration between the City of Rio de Janeiro and the favelas – or informal settlements – that surround it 04:09 Drinking Black Tea could help you live longer – People who drink 2 or more cups of black tea a day are 9-13% less likely to die from any cause, according to a study by the US National Institutes of Health.

Stories: Monsoon Rains Overwhelm Pakistan, Germany Recession Fears

A.M. Edition for Sep. 7. Abnormally heavy monsoon rains have left 10% of Pakistan underwater and millions displaced.

Wall Street Journal reporter Saeed Shah explains how Pakistan wants the international community to help with the response. Plus, a top banker in Europe warns of recession in Germany. Luke Vargas hosts.

Opinion: Disunited States Of America, Britain Can’t Build, Pakistan Flooding

A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist. This week, the disunited states of America, why Britain can’t build (9:15) and Pakistan’s worst floods in recent memory (17:05).

Morning News: Turmoil In Pakistan, Ukraine Seed Bank, Words For Family

Pakistan’s government faces an unpleasant choice between doing what’s popular and what is economically necessary, as Imran Khan, the former prime minister, exploits widespread discontent for his own ends. 

Russia’s invasion is threatening Ukraine’s unique seed bank. And why so many languages have such a rich variety of words to describe family members and relationships.

Walking Tour: Rawalpindi In Northern Pakistan (4K)

Rawalpindi, is the capital city of Rawalpindi Division located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Rawalpindi is the fourth-largest city proper in Pakistan after Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad respectively while the larger Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area is the country’s third largest metropolitan area.

Pakistan Views: Naukot Fort In Tharparkar (4K)

A cinematic travel video of Thar Desert Fort known as Naukot Fort in Tharparkar, Sindh Pakistan.

Naukot Fort is a fortification that was established by Mir Karam Ali Khan Talpur in 1814. It is situated in Mithi Taluka, Tharparkar District, approximately 64 km in the south of Mirpur Khas town, Sindh. Its location gave it its other common name, “The Gateway to the Thar Desert”.

Views: Markets & Street Food In Lahore, Pakistan

The city is a cultural center in the North of Pakistan with over 11 million inhabitants. It’s vibrant, bustling and full of historic buildings and traditions. Eva meets unique characters from Lahore who take her on a tour through their city. The ancient Wazir Khan Mosque is a must-see, and don’t miss a spontaneous visit to a local barber shop 😉. And look forward to meeting @Zenith Irfan, who was the first Pakistani woman to cross the country on a motorcycle, earning her the nickname “motorcycle woman”.

Follow @Eva zu Beck on her adventures in Lahore.

Business Views: Ostrich Farming In Pakistan

Ostrich meat may seem foreign to American taste buds, but it’s a common delicacy in parts of Africa, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Now, Pakistan is trying to break into the market — but the industry is experiencing setbacks just as it was taking off, leaving a small group of farmers to keep it alive.

In 2016, the Pakistani government began a project to kick-start the ostrich industry there, offering subsidies to ostrich farmers. Soon, the number of ostrich farms in the country rose from about 60 to 400. Some observers called the industry a “gold mine.”

But in 2018, the subsidy program expired when the government declined to renew it.

Many of those farmers haven’t been able to pay off their initial investments.

“This business is more profitable than other livestock, but the farmer needs a lot of patience,” Raja Tahir Latif, an ostrich farmer who consulted on the government program, said.