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The Good Life France Magazine – Spring 2023

The Good Life France Magazine Spring 2023 - The Good Life France

The Good Life France Magazine – Spring 2023:

This issue whisks off to the lovely Loire Valley to discover two historic royal castles – Loches and Chinon as well as – the real Sleeping Beauty castle and gorgeous Villandry which has fairy tale pretty gardens – garden envy guaranteed. Read the extraordinary story of a postman who built a palace from pebbles with his bare hands in a tiny village in the Drôme, southeastern France. Not only that – he did it at night after he finished work – by candle light!


Follow the history of the Plantagenet English Kings through Anjou and Normandy. Fall in love with exquisite Vaucluse in Provence where nature has a party in the spring. And sigh over chocolate box lid pretty Le Perche in Normandy.

Come with us to the Roman city of Arles, Aigues Mortes – where the sea is pure pink and flamingos roam, and to sunny, festive Sète with its incredible lagoons. Discover delicious Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France, and its surroundings. Explore Brittany and Les Charentes – Charente and Charente-Maritime. Fairy tale pretty Alsace is unmissable – we look at the most picturesque villages and the historic wine route. Plus the magic of sun-kissed Provence captured in photos, will have you dreaming.

Walking Tour: Loches In The Loire Valley, France

As a town of Art and History, Loches cultivates the art of strolling around, from one street to the next, stopping to look at views of the inaccessible courtyards of the beautiful residences, the Indre River, the bell towers and the elegant surrounding countryside.

A medieval keep, royal apartments from the Renaissance period: in the royal city of Loches, you travel through history in just a few dozen metres.

So close to the great châteaux, and so far from the tumult of the cities, southern Touraine is a wonderful breath of fresh air, brimming with authenticity and charm. A sensitive natural area, the Louroux lake is a good example.

Filmed in Summer of 2022.