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Financial Technology: Is There A Crypto Future?

The Economist (May 18, 2023) – The financial revolution once promised by cryptocurrencies has been knocked off course by regulators and allegations of fraud. So what does the future hold for crypto?

Video timeline: 00:00 – The crypto party is over 01:06 – The history 03:30 – What is crypto? 04:38 – Uses around the world 06:07 – Layer 2 solutions 07:12 – Web3 08:51 – Data and privacy 10:04 – What is the future of crypto?


Preview: MIT Technology Review – May 2022 Issue

MJ22 cover

The Money issue – May 2022

Money changes everything: But who is the shift toward digital transactions really helping?

Humans and technology

Money is about to enter a new era of competition

Digital technology is poised to change our relationship with money and, for some countries, the ability to manage their economies.

Digital Currencies: Could They Be The End Of Banks?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been billed as a major disruptor to finance. But digital currencies issued by governments might be even more radical—they may even threaten the future of traditional banking.

E-Commerce: How China Reined In Ant & Alibaba

In less than six months, Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma’s Ant IPO, which could have been the world’s largest, was scuttled and his companies brought in line by regulators. The U.S. is also taking aim at big tech, but here’s how China moves faster. Photo illustration: Sharon Shi