Design Tour: Daylesford Longhouse In Australia

The Local Project – (May 5, 2023) – A bold interpretation of an architectural farm house, Daylesford Longhouse seeks to rediscover how to live with the land. Recentering on the fundamental nature of our existence and self-sustained living, Partners Hill expertly imagines a beautiful home that sets the tone for a revived way of living that may be crucial for a sustainable future.

Video timeline: 00:00 – Introduction to the Architectural Farmhouse 00:37 – The Architect and Design Custodian 01:25 – A Walkthrough of the Home 02:30 – Research of the Agricultural Model 03:12 – The Concept of the Space 03:44 – Living and Working in the Space 04:04 – Establishing a Greenhouse 04:30 – The Extraordinary Kitchen 05:02 – The Unfolding of the Multifaceted Home 05:44 – Leaving the Location A Changed Person 06:02 – A Collection of Small Ideas 06:41 – The Architects Proud Moments

Located in a charming country town near Melbourne, Daylesford Longhouse sits on an elevated ridge, accommodating the sweeping views of the Australian landscape that the house sits so well within. The challenge was to uncover how an architectural farm house could flourish in a place where the land is deeply exposed to vast populations of ravenous grazing wildlife, extreme temperature variations, strong winds and a lack of water.

The concept for the architectural farm house was about having a community hub to hone skills of self-sufficiency, exchange knowledge and run programs where other people can learn. The home’s façade blends into the landscape in a way that doesn’t dominate, echoing the ethos of the residence. The multi-functional estate includes a large shed that houses a domestic dwelling at the eastern end, a garden kitchen and an intimate Airbnb and sleeping quarters.


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