Research Preview: Science Magazine – March 31, 2023


Science Magazine – March 31, 2023 issue: A new analysis shows that Great Plains tribes acquired horses much earlier than some historians had thought, consistent with Indigenous descriptions of a long and enduring partnership with the horse. This petroglyph, from the Tolar site in southern Wyoming, probably dates from soon after the modern horse became widespread in North America in the early 17th century. 

Horse nations: Animal began transforming Native American life startlingly early

Yvette Running Horse Collin with horse

Sweeping new study based on archaeological evidence, chemical isotope analysis, and ancient DNA “totally changes the game”

Straight from the heart: Mysterious lipids may predict cardiac problems better than cholesterol

Conceptual illustration: a giant heart opens up on a hinge to reveal several gauges. Three of them, labeled HDL, LDL, and ApoB, display low levels. One, labeled Ceramides, displays high levels and is vibrating and letting off steam. Three tiny scientists stand at the foot of the heart, and one shines a flashlight on the Ceramides gauge.

Drug developers are now trying to target ceramides, which appear to contribute to a range of metabolic disorders


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