Previews: The Economist Magazine – March 18, 2023


The Economist – March 11, 2023 issue

What’s wrong with the banks

Rising interest rates have left banks exposed. Time to fix the system—again

Only ten days ago you might have thought that the banks had been fixed after the nightmare of the financial crisis in 2007-09. Now it is clear that they still have the power to cause a heart-stopping scare. A ferocious run at Silicon Valley Bank on March 9th saw $42bn in deposits flee in a day. svb was just one of three American lenders to collapse in the space of a week. 

Will Bibi break Israel?

Binyamin Netanyahu and a constitutional crisis

When Israel’s best and brightest are up in arms it is time to worry

Florida’s governor has blundered over Ukraine

By saying Ukraine is not a vital American interest, Ron DeSantis emboldens Vladimir Putin

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