Front Page: The New York Times – February 17, 2023

New York Times Front Page, New York Edition

A New Goal for Abortion Bills: Punish or Protect Doctors

The legislative calendar is packed with 300 abortion bills. “You can’t go to jail for screwing up an appendectomy,” one lawmaker said.

Federal Officials Send Help After Ohio Derailment, but Residents’ Frustrations Persist

A visit to East Palestine from the head of the E.P.A. and a White House pledge to lend more support were met with skepticism in the community.

Behind China’s Balloons, a Push for Business to Serve the Military

The Chinese government has tried to meld its military and civilian innovation, prompting a backlash from the United States.

A Conversation With Bing’s Chatbot Left Me Deeply Unsettled

A very strange conversation with the chatbot built into Microsoft’s search engine led to it declaring its love for me.

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