Front Page: The New York Times – February 4, 2023


Furor Over Chinese Spy Balloon Leads to a Diplomatic Crisis

The Pentagon called the object, which has flown from Montana to Kansas, an “intelligence-gathering” balloon. Beijing said it was used mainly for weather research and had strayed off course.

U.S. Hiring Surges With January Gain of 517,000 Jobs

The report defied expectations and underscored the challenges for the Federal Reserve, which is trying to cool the labor market to fight inflation.

‘We Are in Trauma’: Memphis Reels From the Latest of Many Blows

Tyre Nichols’s fatal beating took its place on a roster of traumatic events that have helped shape the story of Memphis as much as its world-famous musical innovations.

At Czech Spa Town, ‘Russia for Us Is the Past, and It Was Not Pleasant’

Since the 18th century, Russians have flocked to the healing waters of Karlovy Vary. Now, the Czech government has barred them from visiting the country, and the town must reinvent itself.

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