Front Page: The New York Times – October 25, 2022


Rishi Sunak Wins Contest to Lead U.K. and Confront Economic Storm

After a period of chaos, Mr. Sunak, a Conservative, faces serious political and economic headwinds. He will be the first person of color and first Hindu to be prime minister.

Sunak’s Ascent Is a Breakthrough for Diversity, With Privilege Attached

Rishi Sunak’s ascent to the prime minister’s office is a significant milestone for Britain’s Indian diaspora. But for many, his immense personal wealth has made him less relatable.

Fearing a New Shellacking, Democrats Rush for Economic Message

In the final stretch before the 2022 midterm elections, some Democrats are pushing for a new message that acknowledges the pain of rising prices.10h agoBy JONATHAN WEISMAN and NEIL VIGDOR

Where Russians Retreated, Ukrainians Find Devastation

Returning to liberated towns, Ukrainians find destruction on a staggering scale, vital services cut, and the prospect of a lethal winter ahead.

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