Architectural Tours: ‘JARtB House’, Melbourne, Australia (4K Video)

Nestled in a tree-lined street in the affluent suburb of Toorak in Melbourne, JARtB House is an architect’s home that explores art and architecture. Director of international award-winning architecture firm Kavellaris Urban Design (KUD), Billy Kavellaris designed his house with a view to creating both an art gallery and a family home.

The design explores the idea that art and architecture are separate disciplines but also that art can be fused with everyday life. A white circulation strip through the house doubles as a gallery, displaying the architect’s extensive art collection. Some pieces, such as the lofty giraffe sculptures, were designed especially for the space within the architect’s own home. The upper floor is ensconced in a custom mural created by Spanish artist duo PichiAvo.

Made up of 13 panels stitched together across the facade of the house, this artwork can be experienced from both inside and outside the house. The architecture and interior design can also be seen as art itself, with unusual and opulent staircases connecting floors, and uniquely shaped openings and furniture pieces. Bespoke timber flooring and panelling created by Made by Storey is used throughout the home on walls and floors, creating a sense of cohesion and warmth.

Other materials, such as concrete and steel, are carefully chosen for atmosphere and visual interest, while colour is largely provided by the artworks.

Architecture and Interior Design by Kavellaris Urban Design (KUD). Custom Timber Flooring, Stairs and Ceiling by Made by Storey. Video by Cheer Squad Film Co. Production by The Local Project.

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