Preserving Wildlife: “Stay Wild” By Photographer Chris Schmid (2020)

Directed & Edited by Chris Schmid

Chris+Schmid+PortraitWildlife photographers and filmmakers, have a wonderful opportunity and great responsibility to share stories about wildlife, stories that both celebrate and also raise concern around conservation issues. My tireless efforts to document and protect the few remaining areas of wilderness are fueled by true love for nature and a desire to protect what’s left. As photographers, we have the chance to put into clear focus the beauty and richness of nature which we all have a communal responsibility to protect. But there is always more we can do.

That’s why I have decided to create my own line of handmade products last year, Stay·Wild, to support and help wildlife conservation. 50% of profits is donated to non-profit organizations making a difference every single day.

Together we can make a difference: Save endangered species – Protect their habitats – Help local communities
So please join the herd by purchasing your bracelet and share awareness around you.

A Chris Schmid Production

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