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Political Video: ‘Fracking Debate’ In Pennsylvania May Decide Election (WSJ)

In the final weeks of the presidential campaign, the debate over fracking signaled the potentially decisive role Pennsylvania voters on both sides of the issue could play on Election Day. Photo: Bloomberg News

Morning News Podcast: Election Too Close To Call, Digital Ballots

Trump, Biden locked in close election contest, Democrats flip Senate seat in Colorado, Republicans win in Alabama, and why can’t we vote from our smartphone.

Morning News Podcast: Election Day Arrives – Joe Biden, Mail-In Ballots

Axios’ Margaret Talev and Mike Allen walk us through what they’re preparing for on election night.

  • Plus, how the election could come down to Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballots.
  • And, why voting is a sacred right.

Guests: Axios’ Margaret Talev and Mike Allen; Noah Feldman, constitutional law professor at Harvard University; and Rev. Otis Moss, senior pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ.

Political Videos: The 2020 Election Will Will Be Most Secure One Yet (NY Times)

With early voting underway, states are working to reassure voters that their ballots will be counted as cast. Our video shows how states’ responses to Russian hacking and the coronavirus crisis have helped make the election more secure than ever.

Financial Videos: ‘Is Trump Or Biden Better For The Stock Market’ (CNBC)

The outcome of the 2020 election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump will likely have a major impact on the equity market. Although the economy has historically performed better under a Democratic president, that doesn’t always necessarily reflect on market performance. However, which party controls the White House can still be an important element for those looking to earn big in the market. So how does the U.S. election impact the stock market and how should investors prepare?

Political Analysis: ‘Pivotal Moments In The 2020 Presidential Campaign’

Like so much in 2020, the presidential campaign was thrown into turmoil because of the coronavirus pandemic. WSJ’s political team reviews the critical events of this year’s campaign season and looks forward to what might influence voters on Election Day.

Photos: Jim Watson and Saul Loeb/AFP

Top Political Podcasts: Mike Bloomberg Enters Crowded, And Skeptical Field (The Economist)

The Economist Intelligence PodcastMICHAEL BLOOMBERG, the billionaire former mayor of New York, has announced he is running for president. But he is late to join the race and not very popular with Democratic primary voters. We also look at TikTok, a wildly successful video-sharing app that some see as a threat to security in the Western world. And much of Switzerland is up in arms—about the reliability of the country’s coffee supply. Runtime: 20 min