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Saturday Morning: News And Stories From London

Georgina Godwin and cultural historian Gavin Plumley review the day’s papers, Andrew Tuck’s weekend column and Andrew Mueller takes a look at some of the week’s weirder stories.

Queue to see Queen’s coffin carries on after brief attempt to pause entry

Gates to Southwark Park reopen minutes after announcement that 14-hour line was at capacity

The announcements were clear: the queue to see the Queen lying in state had reached capacity and was being paused for six hours.

The message went out over the public address system at train stations across the capital, on official government Twitter accounts and across the media shortly before 10am on Friday.

There was just one problem: the queue carried on. And on. In fact, just after 5pm on Friday the government announced that the wait time was over 24 hours, and warned that “overnight temperatures will be cold”.