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Covid-19: Latest Research On Vaccine Side-Effects

The risk of dying from COVID is much higher than getting a blood clot from a vaccine. But even more concerning is a new report from Oxford University that shows catching the coronavirus puts you at even more risk of a deadly blood clot. Each delay puts more lives at risk, as the coronavirus spreads. It’s a balancing act between speed and caution in the fight against COVID-19.

Morning News Podcast: Vaccine Blood Clot Risks, Hostage Diplomacy

Scattered reports of blood clots have sparked curbs across Europe, even though the jab is almost certainly safe. We take a hard look at the risks in relative terms.

After Canada arrested a Huawei executive in 2018, China detained two Canadians—we examine the hostage diplomacy still playing out. And how “non-fungible tokens” may benefit digital artists of all sorts.

Morning News Podcast: AstraZeneca’s Vaccine, Airlines, U.S. Interest Rates

A.M. Edition for March 16. WSJ’s Jenny Strasburg discusses the broader impact as more European countries suspend use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine. 

The Federal Reserve is set to begin its policy meeting this week. Airlines see some growth in bookings, but challenges remain. Marc Stewart hosts.