Travel Guide: The Top 12 Places To Visit In Vietnam

touropia (March 31, 2023) – A long, narrow country squeezed in between the South East Asian Sea and the Laos and Cambodia borders, Vietnam is a land of striking landscapes.

Ranging from the lush rice terraces and forested mountains in the north to the picturesque valleys of the Central Highlands and the fertile delta and beautiful beaches of the south. Included in the mix are booming cities, colonial towns, traditional villages and otherworldly islands. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Vietnam

  • 1. Ha Long Bay
  • 2. Hanoi
  • 3. Hoi An
  • 4. Hue
  • 5. Sapa
  • 6. Nha Trang
  • 7. Mekong Delta
  • 8. Ho Chi Minh City
  • 9. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
  • 10. Phu Quoc
  • 11. My Son
  • 12. Dalat

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