Preview: Art In America Magazine – March 2023

Magazine cover featuring an artwork of digitized images of flowers taken from video games. The logo Art in America is in black letters at the top of a white border.

ART IN AMERICA MAGAZINE – MARCH 2023 – The artwork on the cover of this issue looks pretty simple: an elegant arrangement of colorful, cartoon-like flowers. Pretty it is; simple it most certainly is not. Artist Jill Magid scoured the digital worlds of hundreds of video games—from Super Mario to Minecraft—and selected pixelated plants and photo-realistic flowers from virtual landscapes that she then assembled into bouquets worthy of the fanciest dinner party.

After that, she took the resulting images and crafted her first series of NFT-backed artworks, which dropped on Valentine’s Day. The collection comprises 165 animated bouquets, including one that you can view online at and on Art in America’s Instagram, where Magid has generously collaborated with us on our first animated cover. 

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