Front Page: The New York Times – March 2, 2023


Biden Challenged by Softening Public Support for Arming Ukraine

Proponents of more aid fear that growing taxpayer fatigue toward shipping tens of billions of dollars overseas could undercut the war effort.

Chicago’s Choice Points to a Democratic Divide the G.O.P. Hopes to Exploit

The two mayoral candidates, both Democrats, are on opposite sides of the debate over crime and policing. Republicans, with an eye toward 2024, are watching closely.

Where Digital Payments, Even for a 10-Cent Chai, Are Colossal in Scale

India’s homegrown instant payment system has remade commerce and pulled millions into the formal economy.

A Shifting Mood on Crime Propelled Chicago’s Leading Candidate for Mayor

Paul Vallas, who emerged as the front-runner with a tough-on-crime message, will face Brandon Johnson, a progressive county commissioner, in an April runoff.

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