Front Page: The New York Times – February 14, 2023

New York Times Front Page, New York Edition

Netanyahu’s Judicial Overhaul Sparks Huge Protests in Israel

As Benjamin Netanyahu’s government pressed ahead with plans to limit judicial influence, Israelis thronged to unusually large rallies.

China’s Top Airship Scientist Promoted Program to Watch the World From Above

Corporate records and media reports reveal an airship scientist at the center of China’s high-altitude balloon program. Companies he has founded were among those targeted by Washington.

They Were Told Their Building Was Earthquake Safe. It Collapsed Anyway.

Some structures promoted as being built to modern seismic codes did not withstand the quake in Turkey. One upscale tower that fell may have had a design flaw, engineers said.

The College Board’s Rocky Path, Through Florida, to the A.P. Black Studies Course

The nonprofit met with Governor DeSantis’s state officials, who asked whether the course was “trying to advance Black Panther thinking.”

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