Front Page: The New York Times – February 9, 2023


Biden Aims to Win Back White Working-Class Voters Through Their Wallets

In his State of the Union address, the president signaled the opening of a yearslong push to persuade white working-class voters to return to the Democratic fold. Winning them over on cultural issues may be more difficult.

Millions Suffer Cold and Grief After Catastrophic Quake, Awaiting Help

With thousands dead and many more left homeless in Turkey and Syria, people struggling to unearth victims, bury the dead and provide for millions of survivors are pleading for more aid.

Disinformation Researchers Raise Alarms About A.I. Chatbots

Researchers used ChatGPT to produce clean, convincing text that repeated conspiracy theories and misleading narratives.

How Russia Is Surviving the Tightening Grip on Its Oil Revenue

Restrictions on Russia’s oil trade are raising the stakes in a protracted economic standoff that is reshaping the global energy market.

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