France Views: Strasbourg Christmas Market 2022

Tourist Channel (December 2022) – Each year, nearly two million visitors flock to Strasbourg, the Alsatian capital to discover its wonders. The Strasbourg Christmas Market extends over more than ten sites, all located within the Big Island. During the four weeks of the Strasbourg Christmas market, as soon as night falls, the city is adorned with sublime illuminations that give it a magical dimension.

The big fir tree, place Kléber, is the most beautiful expression of this. Thirty meters high, wonderfully decorated, it impresses with its presence, its majesty. Symbol of an Alsatian tradition dating back five centuries, it is the ambassador of a city bathed in light.

The Christkindelsmärik, or “market of the child Jesus”, is the name given in the Alsatian language to the traditional Christmas market which has been held since 1570 in Strasbourg, Alsace, and was for a long time the only one in France. It begins on the first Saturday of Advent and ends on the evening of December 24. The Christkindelsmärik attracts two million visitors from all over the world every year.

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