Summer Walks: A Bamboo Path At Otokuni In Kyoto

After the rain, the bamboo grove is the perfect time to feel the smell of fertile soil and bamboo. But please beware of mosquitoes during the summer. At Tennōzan, there was a battle that marked a turning point in Japanese history.

Even today, important days are sometimes referred to as Tennōzan. Komyo-ji Temple attracts a lot of tourists during the fall foliage season. In the fresh green season, you can enjoy a relaxing walk without worrying about the surroundings.

Video timeline: 00:00 タイトル(Title) 00:11 竹の径(Bamboo Path at Otokuni) 02:04 洛西竹林公園(Kyoto Bamboo Park) 03:25 大山崎竹林の小径(Bamboo Path at Oyamazaki) 04:48 天王山散策(Walking Around Tennōzan) 05:21 宝積寺(Hoshaku-ji Temple) 06:15 観音寺 (Kannon-ji Temple) 06:48 天王山(Mount Tennōzan) 08:00 自玉手祭来酒解神社(Sakatoke Shrine) 08:32 光明寺(Komyo-ji Temple)

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