Books: The New York Times Book Review – Sept 11, 2022

9 Books to Read About Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth, famously reticent during her decades in the public eye, was a source of fascination for many. These books offer a deeper understanding of her life, family and world.

Jennifer Egan and the Goon Squad

The novelist talks about her Pulitzer-winning book, which includes one chapter written as a PowerPoint presentation, and Stephen Fry discusses Greek mythology.

Ling Ma’s Surreal Subversions

The stories in “Bliss Montage” see women — insouciant, detached, mostly Chinese American — making questionable choices.


A Global History of Gender, in All Its Varieties

Kit Heyam’s “Before We Were Trans” spans continents and millenniums to prove that where there is humanity, there is nonconformity.


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