Cover Preview: Booklist Magazine – August 2022

Closeup of August 2022 issue of BOOKLIST

On the Cover
From The Book Eaters, by Sunyi Dean, featured in Top 10 SF/Fantasy & Horror Debuts. Art by Su Blackwell, photographed by Jaron James, art direction and design by Jamie Stafford-Hill. Used by permission of Tor Books.

Spotlight on SF/Fantasy & Horror

Top 10 SF/Fantasy & Horror: 2022

The Essentials: SF/Fantasy & Horror Cli-Fi

Top 10 SF/Fantasy & Horror Debuts: 2022

Top 10 SF/Fantasy & Horror for Youth: 2022

Trend Alert: Microtrend Roundup

Navigating Newbery: The Plight of High Fantasy

Top 10 SF/Fantasy & Horror Audiobooks for Youth


Read-alikes: Fictional Scientists

Listen-Alikes: High-drama Dual Narrations

Booklist Backlist: Giving Shape to Big Feelings

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