Travel & Culture Video: ‘Portrait Of Kazakh Eagle Hunter’ In Mongolia

Directed and filmed by | Matteo Poddie

Could ever exist a bond of respect and love between an eagle and a human?

The ancient art of eagle hunting is one of the many traditions and skills which have been maintained by the Kazakhs over the past decades. For more than two centuries, Mongolian Kazakh men have been hunting on their horses with golden eagles, trained following old traditions which are fading over time.

This Art needs the development of a deep bond between man and his eagle in order to accomplish a successful hunt.

An interview to one of the remained descendants of this minority, who tries to spread and preserve this ancient practice, through love and sense of belonging to his roots. The eagle hunting would otherwise be facing the risk of disappearing forever with the development of the modern world.

It is outstanding how these birds still play a paramount role for these people’s lives.

Narrator | MikeJfvo
Shot on location | Mongolia, Altaj region

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