Top Home Design: “The Cloud House” – Peter Morris Architects (2020)


Peter Morris Architects - Cloud House - Top View

The Cloud House takes its cue from the beautifully eccentric Grade I listed St Martin’s Church opposite, which looks like it could come straight from fairy tales – we have embraced that spirit too. Arches appear again and again on the church, so we modernized and simplified this shape, as the starting point for The Cloud House.

It’s not in a conservation area, and the architecture on the street is wildly eclectic, so a little flamboyance feels appropriate.

Peter Morris ArchitectsCoated in a buff render, with a pale pink tone and duck egg blue metalwork, it brings some gentle colour to the street. As one neighbour has kindly put it: ‘The Cloud House introduces a valuable ‘softer’ element to the street’s dressing, with its hoops and curves and decorations. It is just what Vicars Road needs and will lighten and humanise the street’.

Peter Morris Architects - Cloud House 2020


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