Top Camper Trailers: “Lume Traveler LT540” Is Larger, With Open Roof, Upgrades

From a New Atlas online review:

Lume Traveler LT540 outdoor kitchenCustomers who liked the original Lume tailgate kitchen will find a larger version in the LT540 No. 1/Pure spec trailers, but those looking for a more all-weather solution will be able to enjoy indoor cooking with the new Nordic floor plan, which pulls the kitchen inside across the front wall. To accommodate it, Lume pushes the double bed back toward the bumper and eliminates the front sofa standard on the No. 1 and Pure models.

Lume Traveler LT540 Open RoofLast year, Dutch startup Lume wowed the world by topping its highly distinctive Traveler LT360 caravan with a retractable soft top, creating an airier style of trailer camping. Despite costing more than €46,000 (US$51,000) at the time, Lume’s debut model was successful enough to inspire a second model: the longer, more spacious Traveler LT540. Rather than use the 540’s extra 5.5 feet (1.7 m) to stuff the whole family inside, Lume makes things more comfortable for the wandering twosome, adding a toilet room, available indoor kitchen, available seating lounge, and floor space.

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