Technology: ANA And OmniLabs Unveil “NewMe” Avatar Robot Allowing Humans To Teleport Their Presence Instantaneously

From a Robotics Business Review online article:

NewMe Robot ANAAs part of the ANA Holdings exhibit, ANA is planning to unveil an all-new AVATAR robot “newme” to mark the next phase of the project. Engineered and manufactured by OhnniLabs with its advanced additive manufacturing process and modular architecture, the new robot is specifically designed for the Japanese market based on years of ANA’s research and experience on connecting people across the globe. The AVATAR project, also known as Avatar In,  aims to integrate multiple exponential technologies, including robotics, haptics, AR/VR, and AT, to “enable humanity to instantaneously teleport their presence, consciousness, knowledge and skills to a remote location.”

NewMe Robot ANA Telepresence

NewMe Robot ANA Telepresence

TOKYO – OhmniLabs today announced it was participating at the 2019 Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (aka CEATEC), to be held this week in Chiba, Japan. In addition, the company said it would be participating in ANA Holdings’ exhibit as a partner for the company’s ANA AVATAR project, which highlights telerobotics innovations.

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