Future Of Camping: FiftyTen And Goose Gear Roll Out Ultimate Off-Road Camper System

From a NewAtlas.com online review:

It all starts with Fiftyten’s “Tray,” the flat bed that serves as the stout foundation of the system and brings along aircraft tie-downs and under-bed storage drawers. Above that, the meat of the sandwich is the cavernous, gull-winged “Box” canopy that can serve purely for utility, hauling tools and equipment, or as the heart of a camper. The topper “Tent” completes the camper trio, adding sleeping space for two on a Froli spring mattress that lifts away to create standing room inside the canopy.

FiftyTen - Goose Gear Camper System

Ruggedized, tent-topped Jeep Wranglers have long been a staple of Overland Expo, so when the Jeep Gladiator debuted last year, it was obvious it’d only be a matter of time before another style of Rubicon-grade Jeep camper started showing up — without any need to chop the back off the cabin or add extra chassis length. Fiftyten becomes one of the first to drop a camper on the back of Jeep’s pickup, replacing the stock bed with a rugged tray and bolting on a versatile storage/living canopy and fast-popping hardshell tent. The German company creates a modular camper and utility truck for journeys of every style, size and destination.

To read more: https://newatlas.com/outdoors/fiftytens-modular-jeep-gladiator-camper/

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