Walking Cambridge: Jesus College, St. John’s, Punting The Cam And King’s College

After a great early morning workout at the Varsity Hotel gym, a hearty breakfast, we set out for Jesus College just 5 blocks away.

We were practically alone this Monday morning viewing a spectacular, little known and no entrance charge College.

Then it was off to tour St. John’s College, one of the wealthiest and historical at Cambridge.

It was time to Punt the River Cam and we negotiated a reduced rate of 40 pounds for the two of us.

It was mostly sunny during the 45 minute shared ride up and back on the Cam. So fun. A must in Cambridge.

We had a short walk to Trinity College and a tour (free) of the Wren Library. But we bought (another) Chelsea Bun at Fitzbilies on the way to eat after.

Amazing exhibit inside the Wren and we walked out to eat the bun and some mini croissant sandwiches on a bench overlooking the Cam. Incredible views.

We then took a long walk around the “other” side of the Cam before crossing back to drink some gin and tonics at the Bath House pub.

It was then time for the final, and most spectacular, tour….King’s College and world famous Chapel.

Stunning is the only word for the King’s College Chapel, the Wired’s largest fan-vaulted ceiling and breath-taking stained glass.

An amazing day.

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