Boomers In London: Day 2 – South Bank To Tate, Westminster Back To The City

Set out at 9 am across Tower Bridge and experienced South Bank.

Borough Market is a must visit and it delivered delicious stall after stall of every cheese, meat, vegetable and savory or sweet foods.

We then continued along the Thames for a quick view of Shakespeare’s Globe, followed by a tour of the Tate Modern.

We then hopped aboard the Tate Boat for a trip to the Tate Britain at Millbank. This is the home of the largest collection of J.M.W. Turner paintings in the world.

John Constable and Thomas Gainsborough are also in abundance.

Headed north to Buckingham Palace before walking through St. James Park to the National Gallery.

The National Gallery is amazing. A must visit for Renoir, Van Gough, Monet and Rembrandt.

We finished up with a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral and a great final walk along the Thames to the hotel near The Tower.

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