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Urban Design: “The Future Of Cities” (WSJ Video)

The coronavirus pandemic could have a lasting impact on city life. WSJ’s Jaden Urbi explores how the ways we work, shop and play are changing as urban designers refocus on health, tech and open spaces.

Illustration: Zoë Soriano

Future Of Living Spaces: “Studypod” And “Birdbox” By Livit Design Studio

Studypod by LivitScience shows that being surrounded by plants, trees and nature improves mental health, productivity and learning abilities. This is why Studypod is designed to be placed in your garden, in the forest or any inspiring environment. With one large window in the front, its like working outside while being sheltered.

Birdbox is a prefabricated room designed to bring you close to nature. It should give you comfort and shelter, at the same time be small and light enough to be placed in unique places with minimal footprint.

Birdbox by Livit Interior

Birdbox comes in two versions, Birdbox Mini and Birdbox Medi. Delivered key ready with interior.

A room for imagination

Home office, Yoga studio, hobby room, extra bedroom. With the detachable desk comes new opportunities. Studypod can be used as a affordable on site office solution.
Add extra mobility with heavy duty lockable wheels.