Front Cover: The Atlantic Magazine – June 2023


The Atlantic Magazine – June 2023 issue:

The Atlantic’s June Cover Story: “The Counteroffensive,” by Anne Applebaum and Jeffrey Goldberg

Bono illustrates President Zelensky for June cover

The Atlantic’s June cover is illustrated by U2’s lead singer, Bono, who sketches Zelensky and includes a quote from the Ukrainian president:

“The choice is between freedom and fear.”

In an editor’s note, also published today, Goldberg writes that, after learning Bono has a hobby of redesigning and reimagining  Atlantic  covers, he invited the singer and writer to create an original.

“Zelensky, a man we both admire, was a natural subject for his first go. Like Anne, Bono is preoccupied with issues of freedom and dignity, and, working with Oliver Munday, our associate creative director, he made a stunning cover that captures the resolve of Ukraine’s wartime president.”


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