Architecture: A Tour Of Glen Iris House, Australia

The Local Project – (April 18, 2023) – Located in the established suburb of Glen Iris, the modern dream house by Pandolfini Architects responds to the desire for a home built of hard-wearing materials and to tell the story of the client’s most recent travels.

Video timeline: 00:00 – Introduction to the Ultra Modern Dream House 00:28 – Main Components of The Brief 01:00 – The Composition of the Home 01:42 – Contrasting of the Pavilions 02:17 – The Car Workshop 02:32 – Glass Links and Palette Cleansers 03:03 – The Theme of Discovering New Things and Surprising Moments 03:55 – The External Raw Materials vs. The Internal Materials 04:38 – Effortless and Simple Materials

Reinterpreting the story of floating down rivers, going around bends and discovering new landscapes, the form of the modern dream house creates a journey through distinct architectural and material choices. Composed of three main pavilions, Glen Iris House holds the private wing at the front, a middle pavilion for the dining and living areas, and the last pavilion, which hosts a car workshop that is inherent to the storytelling of the home.

The desire for hard-wearing materials struck a chord with Pandolfini Architects, therefore, raw elements were employed for the exposed form of architecture along the exterior façade. Providing beauty to the home’s shape, bricks have been laid vertically and then rotated 45 degrees to create a strikingly complex surface that the light dances across. As the home faces west, the addition of copper screens has been employed to mediate the natural illuminance that comes inside, providing dappled light throughout the bedrooms.

Similarly, in each pavilion, the glass links provide the opportunity to cleanse the palette so that one can transition seamlessly between zones. Additionally, the links offer a connection to the surrounding landscape of the modern dream house. Used to contrast the brick pavilion, the living barn – the middle pavilion – uses exposed concrete ribs to form the shape of the interior design. Containing materials such as American Oak timber, travertine and soft hard-plaster walls, the living room barn has been broken up with structural elements so that each space can shine independently.

Additionally, a curved breakfast nook formed out of travertine adds to the middle pavilion’s internal structure, while a sculptural fireplace sits between the living and dining rooms and delineates the spaces. Continuing with the theme of discovery, the architect has created surprising moments throughout the interior with timber batten walls and concealed doors that open up to other corridors or into new areas that are not expected. Though arches are present throughout the modern dream house, the choices were not premeditated and instead have evolved naturally throughout the design process. Furthermore, the hard and dense materials used for the exterior of the home are complemented by the arches to insert a playfulness and respite over the home’s form. Providing a contrast to the internal materials, which are softer and more refined, only three materials were used for the home’s exterior.

With bush-hammered concrete, terracotta brickwork and copper, Pandolfini Architects chose the materials due to their hard-bearing nature and ability to age with the property. Incredibly proud of how the materials have come together, Pandolfini Architects recognises the joint effort with the builders, interior designer and the clients who helped to create their own modern dream house.


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