Previews: The Atlantic Magazine — May 2023


The Atlantic Magazine – May 2023 issue – In “American Madness,” appearing as the cover story of the May issue of The Atlantic, Jonathan Rosen writes about the extraordinary turned tragic trajectory of Michael’s life and illness, and makes a broader argument that how we treat people with severe mental illness in this country must change.

Why Chatbot AI Is a Problem for China

An illustration featuring digits in the shape of a yellow star on red background

If the technology is only as good as the information it learns from, then state censorship is not a recipe for success.

What Your Favorite Personality Test Says About You

Colorful blobs behind an illustration of a person reading a paper and another person looking through a telescope

Are you a Myers-Briggs person, an Enneagram person, or something else? The Atlantic made a quiz to help you find out.


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