Research Preview: Science Magazine – March 10, 2023

Current Issue Cover

Science Magazine – March 10, 2023 issue: A honey bee (Apis mellifera) performs a complex dance to communicate resource location and value. Research now shows that novice bees dance better and communicate location more accurately if they were previously able to follow and socially learn from more experienced dancers. 

MRI for all: Cheap portable scanners aim to revolutionize medical imaging

A technician pushes a portable MRI scanner through a hospital hallway.

But will doctors embrace the grainier, lower-resolution images of the body’s insides?

Hidden hydrogen: Earth may hold vast stores of a renewable, carbon-free fuel

Overlooked by the oil industry, natural hydrogen could power society for thousands of years

Oceans away: Is raising salmon on land the next big thing in farming fish?

Giant tanks full of Atlantic salmon could help meet rising demand while lowering environmental impact

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