Front Page: The New York Times – March 10, 2023


Biden’s $6.8 Trillion Budget Proposes New Social Programs and Higher Taxes

The president requested trillions in new spending that has no chance of passing a Republican House, even as he sought to reduce deficits by raising taxes on businesses and the rich.

Biden Moves to Recapture the Centrist Identity That Has Long Defined Him

In his latest budget proposal, President Biden is paying new attention to the nation’s fiscal health.

After two years championing progressive priorities, the president is speaking more to the concerns of the political middle as he prepares to announce a campaign for a second term.

Prosecutors Signal Criminal Charges for Trump Are Likely

The former president was told that he could appear before a Manhattan grand jury next week if he wishes to testify, a strong indication that an indictment could soon follow.

Weeks After Ohio Train Derailment, Health Concerns Mount

In a tight-knit town already skeptical of the government, the lack of concrete information, and the open-ended nature of the crisis, undergird anxiety.

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