Cinematic Travel: Triglav National Park, Slovenia

Road 23 – Triglav, which means ‘three heads’, with an elevation of 2,863.65 metres, is the highest mountain in Slovenia and the highest peak of the Julian Alps. The mountain is the pre-eminent symbol of the Slovene nation. It is the centrepiece of Triglav National Park, Slovenia’s only national park.

Hi guys, I hope you are all doing really well. It has been a while since the last video – but for the first time – the whole production, including composing the music for this short movie, was done by me. And this took as much time as filming and processing the footage. The beauties of Slovenia are round every corner and I can only recommend visiting this country. Enjoy the video, I really appreciate your time watching and if you like the content or don’t let me know, hit the buttons and consider subscription so I can bring more content like this in the future. Have a lovely time.

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